Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jesus on YouTube

It occurred to me the other day to question why Jesus was born at the time in history that he was. I mean I know the people of Israel were groaning for a Saviour, but was there more? Did God choose to incarnate himself before the invention of much of the technology that we have at our disposal today? What would happen if we had videos clips of Jesus up on YouTube that we could turn to anytime we wondered what he said instead of having to read the bible? What if instead of ever holding the printed Word of God in our hands, we read them on our Blackberry between stops on the subway, while texting our BFF about that cute guy we met last night? Where would the Holy Spirit come in here? There would be so many MORE ways to pick apart Jesus words and read into his inflection that we might decide we don't need the Great Counselor to impact our hearts and give clarity to our thoughts. Our lives are so hectic today, that I'm not sure Jesus would ever be heard correctly. He would just be another "lunatic extremest" to pick on in the media. He would maybe even get lost in the jumble of spiritual opinions that you can come across in only a brief search on the internet. Maybe God chose the time he did because it was perfect... obviously God chose the perfect time. He chose a time where transition of the message of Christ would be limited by a persons commitment to the Gospel; where you couldn't make Jesus your part-time job; where it was all or nothing, with no in-betweens. Maybe that's a lesson for us today. Is Jesus my part-time job? Or do I commit my life fully to him everyday, not pushing him aside for the ease and interest of technology?