Thursday, August 19, 2010

Double Review

This week I get to review two products from, the Jeep 2-in-1 Baby Carrier, and Jeep Baby Products Back Seat Organizer.

First I'll talk about the Back Seat Organizer.  The organizer shipped very quickly and arrived about 2 days after purchase.   CSN upgraded my shipping to priority for free, which was a treat, and as always, checkout and purchasing on the site was simple.  The organizer is very nice.  It has lots of pockets for holding a variety of items and was very easy to install in the car.  I have some concerns about the clear vinyl pocket holding up over time, but so far it is working fine.  I love that that pocket is removable so I can keep some diapering items in the car and take them into a store or restaurant if needed!  I can see this being a useful item in the car for years to come as its not made specifically for baby or children's items.

photo courtesy of CSN stores

 The baby carrier did not ship as quickly or arrive as fast, but it was still a reasonable timeframe.  The carrier is very nice.  The straps are padded very well and are adjustable in all kinds of ways!   I love that the straps cross over in the back, providing a great way to spread out the baby's weight.  The new "secure fit indicator" is very handy - it shows you when the sides of the carrier are adequately locked so that there is no question if baby is secure.  There is a mesh vent on the front to allow baby more air circulation around the body, which I really like.  I also love that there is a bag for the carrier.  This will be very nice when we fly to Korea next month - it will keep all the straps and buckles contained in one spot.