Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Promise of Spring

Spring is on the move! It is so exciting to see the trees budding, the grass greening, and new life springing up everywhere. With this new life comes hope - hope of change, hope of growth.

I can see new life springing up in our family as vividly as I do outdoors. I have finally tackled some household tasks I just couldn't bring myself to face in the dreary wintertime. When the sun is shining I am a woman with a purpose! My spring is going to include some planting this year; I'm so excited for my first vegetable garden. I can't wait to show my kids how tiny seeds turn into huge plants that then produce food to eat. All of the patience and waiting and work produce good fruit. This is an excellent lesson for them (and for me). If I am patient and wait on God and do the work required of me, He will produce good fruit in my own life.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheap Creativity

Anna's favorite toy in the house is the playdoh. She loves to squish it, smash it, chop it, squeeze it, and just plain have a blast! It makes a huge mess, and therefore I usually don't give in. However, with the improving weather and my likewise improving mood, I decided to join in the fun and get out some of that creative energy with the kids last week. We had a blast using our imaginations and our minds to create masterpieces. Anna never kept anything long enough to take a photo of, but here's a few shots from the day

Nice Weather!

Well the weather improved for a short time here in the Midwest, and it sure made a difference in my daily life! The kids and I have finally emerged from the winter blahs and have begun to take seriously the time we have available to us during weekdays! Enjoy a slideshow from a recent trip to the local park. It was extremely windy that day, but the kids were soaking up the sunshine!