Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Time

I'm finally done with Christmas presents! I am not a last minute shopper, but I do like to make some of the gifts I give - which usually means I'm finishing up something last-minute. This year it was a crocheted, stuffed frog for my son. I just finished it tonight around 10 pm. This whole idea came about because I wanted to try my hand at making a crochet stuffed animal, and asked my daughter what she'd want. We settled on a giraffe, and I wanted to purchase eyes at the craft store to use instead of embroidering. While there we came across "frog eyes" - googly eyes with a green background and Eli was in love! He immediately decided he wanted a frog, so I obliged. However, its been weeks since this happened, and I'm pretty sure he's forgotten all about it. I have a sinking feeling that he'll take one look at the frog I spent around 8 hours working on and say, "Cool eyes!" and promptly move on to the gifts that have batteries. The truth is, though, that I really wanted to make the frog because I love my son. I wanted to make something for him. And no matter whether or not he appreciates it, I know the love and care that went in to that gooly-eyed little frog! That's the cool part to me. In all seriousness, that's a lot like what God did for us when Jesus was born as a baby. He knew that not everyone would appreciate the gift they were given, but he did it out of love for the people he created. His joy is in knowing that some will see the love of the Giver through the Gift that was given.

Merry Christmas - may you know the Love of the Giver this year!

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