Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

This is about all I've seen lately:

Its been raining on and off for days now. Its wonderful for all the spring vegetation, but unfortunately blooms are blowing off the trees before we even get to enjoy them! The family has found some fun ways to enjoy indoor time, but I'm looking forward to some days in the sun! Here's some pics of our indoor activities.

Anna got a "sheep" (cotton ball) at church one day that she told me she had to take care of, so the kids and I designed some "farms" for our little guys, including a barn, a pasture, a water trough, and some bug friends :)

Daddy finally got his long-desired MacBook and got right down to doing a little home recording; one of his hobbies.

A favorite of the kids is always Heroscape. Tiles that fit together and accessories to make a crazy-cool land complete with every type of hero and/or bad guy you can want!

And no rainy day would be complete without a good book. I've been doing a ton of reading these last few weeks. I rediscovered the Rama book series that was a favorite of Matt's as a child. I read them while in the hospital for 2 weeks with Eli after he was born. I think if Matt's parents had read the books they wouldn't have let him read them, but they're by Arthur C. Clarke, so I doubt they suspected any inappropriate content! The first book is great, and pretty clean. Then Clarke teams up with another author who seems to have a different idea about the storyline and things get a little shady from that point on. Overall good books, but I would have been just as happy only reading the first one!


thoughts and ramblings said...

I'm CRACKING UP at Anna's cotton ball. lol. That's SO cute. I love the little farms you made for the sheep. You're such a creative mommy! I need lessons.

Those pics were great. Thanks for sharing.

I need to see that Heroscape sometime when I come over there. It looks like fun.

Thanks for the cool post on a rainy day! :)

It's supposed to be 81 and sunny on Friday. Of course...I'll be at work! BOOOOOOO!


Alison said...

Carolyn just said the other day, "Mom, is this rain ever going to stop??" I reminded her "April showers, bring May flowers." :-) Looks like you guys have been having a good time in spite of it! I can't believe that Heroscape thing! Amazing! You're such a good mommy. :-)