Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning with Mommy

The other day I found myself with an entire 3 hours with just my 5 year old.  His sister was in preschool and his cousin was at home sick.  As tempting as it was to fill that time with all the things I can't do when I have a 3 kids running around, I decided instead to spend that time just focusing on this little boy who is growing up way too quick.  After grocery shopping and picking out a special picnic lunch we headed to the local town park.  We played on the playground and had an impromptu photo shoot guided by Eli.

Next headed out on some trails and found a large field full of wildflowers with some paths mowed through.  The day was hot but beautifully sunny.  We walked around in the "labyrinth" (as Eli called it) for a good long time and I introduced Eli to how to take pictures with my camera (he took the one of me).  Eli wanted to take a picture of every flower we saw. 


I am so glad I took the chance to spend some time with my guy - this time is fleeting.... he's at a crossroads in life and is off and running to become a man right before my eyes.



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Crafty Christina said...

Eli must have loved all that one on one time! Great pictures and your hair is adorable that length!