Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Anna!

A few weeks back, Anna turned 5.  Five seems to be a magic number - sense of humor starts developing, real personality starts emerging, and interests become clear.  Anna is a silly little girl who (still) loves tiny things.  She's very interested in collecting things - she collect rocks, shells, leaves, anything she can find many of!  Anna has also begun to show a talent for art.  She loves to draw animals and people, and will often hear a song or a story and then promptly draw what she's imagining. She still loves her monkey "Monk" and has recently aquired a new favorite animal - Pokey the lizzard.  Both of these are garage sale purchases!

This year we had a jungle-themed party for Anna.  She was allowed to invite 12 of her friends and she had a great time!  I'll put up a post about that later.  For now, enjoy photos of Anna over the years:

Newborn Anna

1 yr old

2 yrs old

3 yrs old

4 yrs old

 5 yrs old

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  We enjoy your silly jokes and the way you love to sing and draw.  We are proud of how loving and giving you are toward your brother and friends.  We love your enthusiasm for God and how "God can do anything!"  We are excited to see how you will develop over the next year!


Crafty Christina said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

Alison said...

She is just too cute! It's amazing to see how she's changed over the years! 12 of her closest friends, huh? You are one brave momma! :-) She's got an amazing family!