Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Playdate

I met a friend at the Indianapolis Children's Museum for a playdate with the kids on Wed. I just love that place! As my friend put it, "you can just see their brains expanding while they play!" We decided to get a membership this year since the kids are old enough to be easy to deal with, and they don't nap anymore. The extra time we can enjoy at the museum now makes the 30 min drive worth it! We got there at 10 am when it opened and didn't leave till 4:30. The kids and I were understandably exhausted by the end of the day! Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

One of my favorite exhibits: Fireworks of Glass by Dale Chihuly. Underneath the tower of glass that is in the center of the whole building is a ceiling of glass in the basement. There is a spinning seat that you can lay on and spin and look at the glass. It is incredibly beautiful. It reminds me of being underwater, looking at coral or something.

Also, Chihuly is just cool. I mean check out the eye patch! I want to be that confident of myself!

The newest "special" exhibit is the Lego Castle Adventure. Both of my kids loved it - Eli loves Legos, and Anna loves castles! It was a huge hit.

Then there's Playscape where there's enough sand and water to keep them occupied for hours.

Finally we made a stop in the Dinosphere for a little archeological dig, complete with goggles, scrapers, brushes and tape measures.

Lots of fun was had by all :)


Christina said...

The glass exhibit looks amazing and I can only imagine that the colors must be more vibrant in person.

That last picture is so cute!

Alison said...

Definitely love the Children's Museum! It's a little harder to navigate with 3, but still fun. :-)