Monday, February 09, 2009

Photo Fun

I got a brand new camera for Christmas and I have really enjoyed taking it for a spin and learning all its new tricks. I love it!!! It gives a much higher-quality photo than I was ever able to achieve with my previous point and click that was over 6 yrs old when it finally bit the dust. Here's a few of the photos I've taken recently. Enjoy!

The aftermath of the first snow day to hit Indiana

My latest project

My favorite piece of "art" in the house - a trunk inherited from Matt's uncle

The crabapple tree in our front yard

Anna's beautiful morning smile

Eli sharing his thoughts with me

Family tea party complete with outfits, china, and real tea

The sun sparkling off the snow and turning our backyard into a sea of diamonds


Christina said...

Wow! The quality of the pictures are beautiful!

Christina said...

P.S. the tea party pic rocks!

Alison said...

Beautiful! Great idea for the tea party, too!